Closing Out Year One

Hi Friend! Wow I feel like it’s been so long! SO MUCH has happened in this last month or so. I guess I’ll start from where we left off? So I was in Toronto. It was interesting to be there by myself, not knowing anyone and sort of having this new level of awareness of […]

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Learning Log 2

They say the Bush Fellowship is different than all other fellowships because it’s an investment in you as a leader. I think it can feel a bit odd in the world we live in, that a two year fellowship will spend thousands of dollars investing in you as a leader without having very tangible deliverables. […]

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My dearest, Hello. I’m in NYC right now. I started writing at this super trendy juice bar in Soho. I paid $9 for a juice lol -_-. But there are a lot of hip and attractive people here and it’s got some real good vibes so I guess it’s worth it? Right???  So overall I […]

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That Next Step

Dear friend, I had a conversation with my coach. I’m making some changes to my fellowship plan. I think it’s for the better. But honestly, I was feeling pretty tense about it. It felt scary. It felt like I was making an abrupt and rash decision. It felt like I was wasting all the energy […]

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Down by the Bay

Dear Friend, Hello. I’m sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Oakland right now. It’s a nice place. They have horchata lattes here :). These next few days I’ll be at the Othering and Belonging Conference at the Oakland Convention Center. It’s my last week here in the Bay Area. I’m leaving in four days. […]

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Home and The Other Side

My dear friend, This past month has been an emotional rollercoaster. A lot of deep reflection and thinking about my past, a lot of sadness and suffering. But also the feeling of joy from community and togetherness. My uncle, the oldest sibling of my dad, unexpectedly passed away while I was in LA. It’s hard […]

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Learning Log 1

Dear Nick, The beginning will be a bit surreal. You may feel like a mini celebrity. “This is Nick, he’s a Bush Fellow,” will be the most common introduction you receive. You’ll start getting random Facebook and LinkedIn friend requests. People you don’t know (or barely know) will reach out and ask for your advice. […]

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Asian in Movement

Hi friend! Honestly, I can’t believe it’s only been a month since we last chatted. I feel like SO MUCH has happened. Like it feels like way more time has gone by even though it’s still only a month lol. UGGHHH where do I even start. I think to sum up this past month, it’s […]

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Olá do Brasil

Dear Friend, I left San Diego and arrived at the Rio airport. Waited for 6 hours on my layover to Vitoria. At the airport I ran into like, so many Minnesotans also headed to Vitoria HAHA. Dr. Meyers. Commissioner Lindsey. And others that I knew. It was kinda weird hahaha, but also gave me a […]

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Peace is Every Step

Dear Friend, So much happened at Deer Park. I’ve learned so much about myself. I learned about the practice of mindfulness and meditation – to take each step, each breath, each bite – with joy and purpose. I think the quote, “walk is if you are kissing the earth with your feet,” accurately summarizes the […]

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