What’s this all about, anyway?


I’ve gone hunting for porgs. Lookin for these little guys everywhere. Mostly because they’re tasty. Or so Chewie says.

But actually, I’m on a journey of self-discovery and learning. I’m traveling across cities throughout the U.S. and abroad to learn about how local Asian Americans (and other marginalized groups) are organizing themselves to create change in their communities. I’m attending trainings and conferences to develop my skills and build my network. And I’m taking time for myself to take a step back, reflect, and grow.

Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in the U.S., but that certainly isn’t reflected in our political power. How do we grow and build our political power for our future generations? What’s needed to take our Asian American movement to the next level? And more broadly, what’s needed to take our movement for liberation, to the next level?

Throughout my journey I hope to dig into these questions and so much more. I’ll be mostly documenting through my Instagram. I may write a few blog posts, but we will see. Thank you to the Bush Foundation for supporting my journeys as a 2018 Bush Fellow.

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